What we are and are not

A few years after the Bad Wabbit Crew started, rumours still persist among some circles that we are a motorcycle club which we are not. What we are is a social group. Once a year we organise a charity fundraising event. The majority of us do ride bikes but some of us never have. 

Charity Fundraising

Our next Bad Wabbit Shindig will take place on Saturday 12th June 2021 in Bognor Regis. This year we are raising money for the Williams Syndrome Foundation https://williams-syndrome.org.uk/


The bands playing in the evening will be announced in due course. 


Outside music during the afternoon will be organised by Johnny Ram



About the Bad Wabbit Crew

The Bad Wabbit Crew was formed in 2011 and our aim was and is to party hard and regularly. Most of us live in West Sussex but Wabbits can be found in other places as well. Indeed, there is now a Wabbit Warren in the Midlands. Although we are not a bike club most of us do ride motorcycles and visit bike rallies, events and bike clubs throughout the year. We have few rules and are happy to party with just about anyone who finds us. At least once a year we organise an event to raise money for charity whilst socialising with those who know us as well as anyone else who chooses to attend. Our First Bad Wabbit Shindig raised money for the Neo-natal Unit at St. Richards hospital in Chichester. Since then we have chosen a different charity to support at each of our events.

The Crew

Carl on his GPZ900

The crew consists of numerous members of all ages and backgrounds. We ride, drink and are happy to entertain ourselves as well as those around us. Sadly, our founder member, Carl, passed away in November 2011. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. Some of us have previously been in bike clubs, some still are, and others have never been. Please bear in mind that we are a social and drinking club, not a motorcycle club.


We meet regularly on most Thursday evenings, possibly at a place near you. Find us if you are interested. We can also be found visting bike rallies and shows around the country as well as arranging our own charity fundraising events. Take a look at our current 2019 Summer Shindig page or our previous events pages

You can find us on Facebook where you can see details of our events and get in touch. 

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